Friday, February 3, 2012

Work Clothes

I'm actually quite a boring and lazy dresser most of the time. My daily wardrobe/uniform is a rotation between 4-5 black shirts branded with car parts such as Cosworth, HKS, SpeedLab etc etc, and 3-4 pairs of loose cargo shorts, and work shoes. 

Cargo shorts are nice because of all the pockets where I can put my stuff: Keys, wallet, phone, money, and uh cargo.

This Oxygen printed tie shirt is one of the few non "car" shirts I wear to work. It's kinda funky with the gray necktie in the front that does seem to fool people, plus it's black so I can quickly wipe my hands on when I work on cars and people won't notice. Surplus Shop actually has lots of very affordable cargo shorts from P350-P495. I normally buy 3-4 at a time and keep wearing them until they basically disintegrate. 

I absolutely detest going out wearing slippers, yea I know telling Filipinos not to wear tsinelas is like telling them not to eat rice. Anyhow, These canvas sneakers from Bench have been through serious abuse in the shop like stepping on grease, gasoline, mud etc etc and they're still alive and in good wearable condition. They're also pretty easy to clean as well, 5 minutes with some laundry detergent and Scotch Brite, they're nice and white again.

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