Saturday, February 11, 2012


Yep you read that right! I bought myself SPANX compression garments. And yes I did think and research about it =P.

I was actually watching Lucky Magazine's Ten 10 Obsessions of the past decade on Velvet. I actually get a kick out of these countdown shows, especially the Top Ten Hottest Women Beach Bodies. Anyway, I caught it as they were at number 4, not exactly an obsession but rather, fashion disasters, and Crocs was damn smack top fashion disaster! I couldn't agree more! Them things are fucking ugly! And I'm proud to say I never owned one, not even the thought of owning one entered my mind.

So then comes No. 1 and it was SPANX! I've actually heard of Spanx before but paid no mind to it, actually the mental though bubble went something like "Geez mumbo jumbo magic garment that gives false hope to billions of fat ass people" I watched and listened and the mental image changed from "fat ass people" to "Holy shit! That might work for me!"

Well I'm not fat, flabby or overweight, duh obviously, but I wasn't as thin as I once was (damn miss those days) and that little lump below the belly button and a little on the side is really damn hard to work off.

So the googling began. had some sellers but all were Spanx for women (gee I wonder why) then I came across a blog entry that said Rustan's has them for sale. So I trekked my way to Shangri-La EDSA, went inside to the Rustan's Concierge section and asked the nice lady "Uh miss, do you have Spanx?" In which I got a very puzzled look. "Undergarments sir??" Yea that was it, undergarments! Off I then went to the lingerie section where all the bras and nighties were, and no I wasn't ashamed to be there, in fact I was fiddling with some of the bras while browsing around.

At first I thought "Oh crap its all for girls" but in the lower corner, there were boxes of Spanx for men. I picked one up and looked at the back, size 36-42 chest was the smallest. Then the lady offered to measure me. Cool exactly 36 inches. I then asked if I could try it on.

Holy shit, it was the tightest thing I have ever tried putting on in my life!

And after a few minutes of tugging, I got it on and DAMN! It works. While it doesn't give me and instant 6 pack, it did smooth away the unwanted lumps and buldges and slimmed down my already slim midsection.

The secret is pretty obvious when you lay it flat. The lower section is drastically smaller than the top section and that is what presses and flattens out imperfections. You can actually just drape over a shirt with all the buttons open and go out as is. And I did just that.

Yep that's me and I'm sucking my gut in. Although most likely, I will wear something over it because it does give you 1-2cm of wiggle room in your jeans.

So there you have it, I own a set of Spanx  and am not ashamed to say it. Oh and Spanx for men is actually cheaper than Spanx for ladies, and getting out of it is waaayyy harder than putting them on! Does this mean I'll be wearing them everyday from now on? Of course not, its for those special occasions when you really need to. Hell Octavia Spencer wore 3 of them to the SAG awards!

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